Top Wine and Liquor Glasses Themed Pharmacist Gifts

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Check out the pharmacist wine glass, pharmacist beer glass, and pharmacist whiskey glass reviews below to find the best ones for your quirky purpose.

Top Wine and Liquor Glasses Themed Pharmacist Gifts

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Clever, funny, idiosyncratic, and unique are pharmacist wine glasses, pharmacist beer glasses, and pharmacist whiskey glasses that remain to be the top best themed pharmacist gifts to purchase for yourself, family, and pharmacist coworkers.

Have you or your pharmacist friends given vaccinations, answered a million customer questions, and counted and bottled tons of pills while standing up for 8 tiring hours?  At the end of the day, you just might want to go home, relax, and have a legal drug, such as a glass of wine or another drink and prop up those tired throbbing feet.  Or, you might have guests over with a must-have assortment of drinking glasses.

The best legal drug medicine for you will need an eye-catching glass from which to drink from.

Check out the pharmacist wine glass, pharmacist beer glass, and pharmacist whiskey glass reviews below to find the best ones for your quirky purpose.

1. I Sell Drugs for a Living Drinking Flask for Pharmacists, 6-Ounce

CafePress® has created a delightful amusing flask and is curved for the physique tucking it into your jacket pocket or lady’s purse.  See the effects on the body with the legal drug in this stunning flask.

Made of high-quality stainless-steel, it measures 3.75-inches tall and 3.75-inches wide.

The pharmacist on the front looks so happy that he’s waving at us!  The words and picture are printed on this imported drinking flask.

Use this for a remedy for yourself, a pharmacy friend or student, a gift for the bride and groom, or any occasion.

CafePress® offers a 100% money-back guarantee and you can exchange or return it if you aren’t satisfied.

2. Educated Drug Dealer, Rocks Whiskey Highball Glass, 11-Ounce

The pharmacists are the ones who relieve pain when using this glass that will get a laugh when you give it as a gift or pull them off the shelf at your next party for dispensing a shot.

The pharmacist whiskey glass has a heavy bottom and measures 3.5-inches high x 3.25-inches diameter.  To top it off, the glass is made in the USA.

3. Good Day Bad Day-Don’t Even Ask, Rocks Whiskey Highball Glass, 11-Ounce

This two-sided glass with the partial caduceus on the front lets you fill your glass to the top at Don’t Even Ask about my day at the pharmacy.  Your pharmacist friends and colleagues will definitely have a chuckle drinking from this pharmacist whiskey glass.

The other snake must be taking a nap, because as you pharmacists know, there are two of them on a caduceus, yet not wrapped around a stemmed wine glass as on the graphic.

The dimensions are 3.5-inches high x 3.25-inches diameter.  The glass, of course, is made in the USA.  The graphic and words are printed on rather than etched.

4. You Would Drink Too Shot Glass for Women and Men Pharmacists, 1.5-Ounce

This is a pharmacist whiskey glass gift your pharmacist friends will adore!  It is made of extremely durable ceramic, not plastic, and is dishwasher safe.  It will also go into the microwave, but who heats a good shot of whiskey?  Just sayin’.

The shot glass is black inside and white outside with red lettering printed on one side only.

The dimensions are 2.4-inches high x 2.4-inches wide x 2-inches deep and the circumference is 6.2-inches.

Get a dozen or even one for your pharmacist friends and students birthdays, holidays, or just for a laugh.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

5. World’s Best Pharmacist Shot Glass for Women and Men Pharmacists, 1.5-Ounce

This is a gift your pharmacist friends will love!  It is made of extremely durable ceramic, not plastic, and is dishwasher safe and will also go into the microwave.

The pharmacist whiskey glass for shots is black inside and white outside with green and blue lettering printed on one side only.

The dimensions are 2.4-inches high x 2.4-inches wide x 2-inches deep and the circumference is 6.2-inches.

Buy one or more for your world best pharmacist associates for holidays and birthdays.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

6. Fukitall Beer Glass or Caffeinated Liquid Solution Mug, 15-Ounce

This cleverly designed pharmacist beer glass made of glass is a 15-ounce pint size, even though a US pint is 16-ounces.  Get your daily medicine by mouth using this delightful beer glass.

You can choose from the beer glass or the mug also in 15-ounces for your coffee laced with a bit of whiskey or rum, or make hot chocolate.

The ceramic mug is printed on both sides with a huge D-handle and both pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.

This is a sure-fired way for you and your pharmacist friends to start off the evening.  The beer glass is the type used in bars and taverns.

Gift-wrapping is available for the beer glass or mug on Amazon for your pharmacist pals.

7. ℞ Beer Can Glass, Set of Four, 12-Ounces

The pharmacist in you or your friends will laugh out loud drinking beer from the 12-ounce ℞ pharmacist beer glass.

Get yourself the 4-glass set and another for your pharmacist colleagues—they will laugh their gl-ass off.

Fill up as needed and no prescription is necessary for a cool beer in this beer can glass.

Gift-wrapping is available from for a gift idea to remember.

8. World’s Best Pharmacist from the World’s Best Kids Beer Stein, 22-ounce

This is certainly a mug from the kids that their mom or dad pharmacist will find irresistible!  It would be a funny birthday or holiday gift such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Christmas.

The beer stein is made of white ceramic with gold trim and a large D-handle with ORCA coatings a type of printed mug using sublimation printing with high-quality ink.

Do not put this mug with it’s gold trim in the microwave.  As you know, metal will pop and make sparks in the microwave.

It’s best to handwash because detergents for dishwashers are harsh and will remove the gold trim after two times.

These mugs meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards and are designed, printed, and shipped from the USA.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you need to return or exchange the mug.

9. Pharmacy Ninja Pint Drinking Glass, 16-Ounce

This CafePress® brand drinking glass is impressive for pharmacists while counting pills to have iced tea, iced coffee, or soda.

The lead-free glass feels good in your hand, so keep a few at home for drinking beer.  Use it at your bar or mancave and keep a few pharmacist beer glasses in the kitchen as well.

Of course, the kids will love the iconic Ninja, so maybe a few for them will be a good idea for orange juice and other drinks.

These can be put into the dishwasher, yet handwashing will preserve the printing better.

Buy an assortment of these that stack in your cupboard or on the shelf.  These are perfect for pharmacists and friends and for yourself.

They are imported and come with a 100% money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied.

10. Educated Drug Dealer Pharmacist Insulated Stainless-Steel Stemless Tumbler, 12-Ounce

The fun colors of black, teal, pink, and purple are double insulated for travel or having at your station filling prescriptions.

Use these as a wine tumbler at home or a coffee mug when traveling to the pharmacy in your car feeling safe with its snug-fitting slide-on BPA (bisphenol A)-free lid.  This pharmacist wine glass tumbler is a hoot for students and pros.

Hand wash only.  The wine cooler measures 4.5-inches high x 3.5-inches diameter.

11. Because Patients Pharmacist Insulated Stainless-Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler, 12-Ounce

It’s Because Patients at the end of the day, so why not kick back with this Libby® glass lidded tumbler that snaps in place with a slot for drinking.

Your pharmacist buddies would appreciate your gift for graduation from pharmacy school or on their birthday.  This novelty tumbler can be gift-wrapped just for them.

Use the pharmacist wine glass for hot or cold drinks to keep at temperature with its double-thick insulated walls.

Being portable, it will not shatter when dropped.

It measures 4.6-inches high x 3.5-inches diameter and hand washing is suggested for undamaged print.

It is BPA-free, powder coated, will not sweat on hot humid summer days, and is just what the doctor ordered for your relaxation.

The Gelid brand offers a full refund or replacement if you are dissatisfied with no questions asked.

12. Educated Drug Dealer Wine Glass for Pharmacists, 21-Ounce

Pharmacists are indeed well educated doling out pills and syrups each day.

Surprise someone you know with this huge 21-ounce pharmacist wine glass without a stem, or use for soda and other beverages.

The black and blue lettering is made of permanent vinyl and are handmade.  Only hand wash because the dishwasher can ruin the lettering.  Keep out of the microwave and don’t be too aggressive when washing the letters.

13. Pill Slinger Stemless Wine Glass, 20-Ounce

Pharmacists certainly do sling pills all day.  In the evening, why not enjoy a glass of wine in this fun pharmacist wine glass in purple and black that has class.

The design and words are made of vinyl that should last for years if you don’t put them in the dishwasher, handwashing them gently, and letting them air dry.

This would make an excellent gift for a coworker pharmacist or friend.  Measuring 5-inches high x 4-inches diameter, it fits your palm perfectly.

Gift wrapping is available for this Zoey Christina stemless wine glass for men and women, pharmacy pros, and student pharmacists.

14. Divine Medical Pharmacy Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Pharmacists will love to dispense a dose of wine to medicate stress away in this striking set of 4 stemmed glasses each holding 10-ounces.

The characteristic pharmacy design is nicely etched on the glass and not printed.

These pharmacist stemmed wine glasses are dishwasher safe, yet best cleaned by hand washing.  The set arrives in a beautiful gift box for giving to your pharmacy associates.


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